Reservation is unnecessary for Pug Cafe “Living Room”.

No reservation is needed.

Normal Menu *Cash Only

Drink (1 drink) + Human treat + dog snack set / 1 H
· New one: 1.200 yen(Normal day)
· Members: 1.000 yen

  Special day : 3,000yen 
· Junior high school student: 100 yen discount
· Elementary school student and under: 200 yen discount
· Infants and children: free
· Dandelion: 200 yen ※ Vaccine · Mad dog certificate essential (wearing a manor belt)

*Extra charge(延長料金)Every 30 minutes  1 person¥500 yen    ( 1 hour with drink  ¥1,000 yen )

☟                                  ★ Special day menu★

3000 yen for one person(Special Day) 

There is on a day of special day* Not  One  hour course. 

 All you can drink!  Unlimited time 

(Up to 2 hours if it busy)   We will be closed at 18:00PM

Shortest 2 hours ~ Longest 5 hours

Pug cafe unique calendar.

special dog snack(1person 1time)

Pug cafe unique item (Draw)

This draw has no losers!!

 You cannot choose a One Hour course ¥1,200

* Since foster parents will be charged separately, please contact us
* Two dogs ~ half price
* Extension Fee 500 yen will be raised every 30 minutes.
* One cup snacks can be used at 300 yen.

Charged menu

Please contact us in advance.
* You can not rent out for each shop.
· “Off-club room” available * reservation required
· The party menu will be delivered ※ carry-in OK

The day on which 8.9 arrives, doggy free day

Instead of a snack, it becomes free.
· 89th day: 8, 9, 18, 19, 28, 29
· Puppy’s Day: 1st Saturday or Sunday
– Foster’s Day: 4th Saturday or Sunday