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〒 615-8017
Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto Ward, nishikyo-ku, Katsura Kawatacho, 151

SELENE Katsura 1F セレーネ桂 Pug Cafe “Living Room”
TEL&FAX: 075-874-7989

Open 13: 00 ~  Close 18: 00 (LAST Entry is at 17 :00PM)

Katsura Imperial Villa桂離宮   (Shimizu Park  Nearby) 清水公園付近

Katsura Imperial Villa  MAP:

Selene Katsura 1 F(South) 南側

A space for bicycle parking is located in front of the entrance to the Pub Cafe.

please make sure to park your bicycle to the designated zone.

Please don’t park your bicycle on the road or residential area, apartment !!  

Google map:

Search 「Dog Cafe Living Room Kyoto Katsura」ドックカフェ リビングルーム

Train Route :

When coming by train

Take the International Conference Hall on the subway Karasuma Line
Get off at Shijo station, transfer to Hankyu train and change to Karasuma station
Take the further bound for Umeda and get off at Katsura stationKarasuma station (train station) Get off at Umeda line katsura station
Hankyu Train Kyoto Line 8-minute walk from Katsura Station “East Exit”
Hankyu Train 20 minutes on foot from Nishikyogoku Station on Kyoto Line

Guests arriving by car

Take the intersection of Route 9 and Katsuragawa Route south toward the 500 m line
* The parking lot will be limited to 4 cars.
* Because there is coin parking near, please use there if it is full.

Guests arriving by bus

From Kyoto Station City Bus 33rd Platform C5 For Rakusai bus terminal Line

BusStop:Katsura Rikyumae(Katusra Imperial Villa) or KatsuraOhashi
Keihan Bus No.2 Station C2 Get off at Kameoka Ekimae Line katsura rikyu mae (One day ticket not allowed)
Take the Kyoto municipal bus · 70 from  Kyoto line east exit of Kyoto Line and get off at “Keikyodaiji”, building facing the rail north along the track

 City Bus #33  Katsura Imperial Villa  BusStop (Katsura Rikyu)

Kyoto  City Bus One Day Pass +Additional  fare ¥160

Kyoto City Bus Stop #33


Kyoto City Bus  Stop      #70


Hankyu Railway  Kyoto Line

Umeda(Osaka)梅田 ~Katsura桂(Kyoto)~Saiin西院~Karasuma 烏丸~Kawaramachi(Kyoto)河原町

Arashiyama Line :  Arashiyama嵐山~ Katsura 桂

Hankyu Railway Website   :


(Station Guide, Tickets= How to buy a ticket, Traffic etc)

* Hankyu Rilway ・ City Subway ・City Bus・JR Line

 IC Card ( ICOCA,Pasumo、Suica OK)

From Hankyu Railway Katsura sta  on foot

①East Exit ➡Walk north along the street➡Second a railroad crossing turn left

②First corner Turn Right

③Go straight

④ Intersection  Turn Right (Book store 桂書房)

⑤Turn Left and Go straight   P lease don’t cross the railroad crossing !!!

You will find a pug cafe on your left hand .  about 250 m  Left side  Pug Cafe(Living Room)


From Pug Cafe to Hankyu Railway Katsura sta 

①Pug Cafe ➡250m please go straight to the end of this road.

And Turn Right➡Go straight 20 m   Please don’t cross the railroad crossing

②Intersection (Book store 桂書房)Turn Left and Go straight

③First corner Turn Left

④Railroad crossing + Turn Right

⑤Go straight 300 m , You can find a station on your right side.


From JR Kyoto Line  Katsuragawa sta 桂川 Local train

Change: City Bus # 70 For UzumasaTenjingawa 太秦天神川

JR Katusragawa sta BusTerminal No3 のりば  Fare ¥200

BusStop:KatsuraTokudaiji桂徳大寺 11 stops

By JR Kyoto Line 

From JR Kyoto Line Nishioji sta 西大路 1 stop

30 min walk from JR Nishioji sta to Pugcafe

JR Kyoto Line  :


From Kyoto City Subway Tozai Line Uzumasa Tenjingawa sta 地下鉄東西線 太秦天神川駅

Change:City Bus No 70 For  JR Katsuragawa sta 桂川駅

Bus Stop: Katura Tokudaiji桂徳大寺 Fare: 230 yen


By Taxi :  From JR Kyoto sta  about 30 min

From Shijo Area(Down town) 35 min




State of store



waiting room

Toilet · Washroom