Precautions on Pug Cafe

Many customers and dogs come to Pugcafe.
Please cooperate in keeping the following notes and enjoying it.


・Restricted. Under 16 requires an accompanying parent or adult guardian.

· Pug lift will be prohibited.
· All signboard dogs All vaccinations, infection prevention such as fleas and ticks, health checkups are done weekly at the hospital, but since there are many other customers who come visit us, the following dogs are prohibited entry I will do.
We appreciate your cooperation.

please make sure to park your bicycle to the designated zone.

Please don’t park your bicycle on the road or residential area, apartment !!  

You might be arrested by police.

*Cash Only
*Please be aware that charges will be incurred as they will be admitted once they are acknowledged below.
*Please note that refunds after payment can not be made.

No entry

① fever, cough, diarrhea, vomiting, dermatitis, illness · dandelion suspected of infection, or before and after heat and heat (girls)
② Aggression and marking dango (indispensable to wear belt)
③ dogs with intense barking that seems to be annoying to neighbors and other customers, and dog which is not good at other dogs extremely

※ Please inform us of food allergies dog when entering the store.
※ The dog is not good at dogs will be kept in another room in the aisle.
(Inside ※, your own dogco, dog food in the store all ban prohibited → There are no bite chiefly, but basically it gets accustomed to dandelion as it is received with intimidation and habits when the line of sight is above, on the floor Only dandruff dogs can be accompanied, signboard dogs can be mixed with pugs)
* We recommend you to visit without dock beforehand whether you can familiarize as there is also compatibility before bringing a new dog. (Please also give me a minimum amount of manners such as anal gland · marking belt · hand wash in advance etc.)