About living Room

Pug Cafe「Living Room」

The Pug Cafe “Living Room” in Kyoto is a dog cafe where you can take a snack while taking a picture with 12 Pugs and take a picture.

Started with four pugs at the start of business, now 12 pugs with individuality welcome you.
Recently it has been featured in various television, media and magazines, becoming a popular spot where many pug lovers come every day.
You can also visit with pets.

Please come to the living room to see the pugs once.

Depending on the various reasons  The Opening days might be  changed.

Please check the calendar before you visit to our cafe.

Name Pug cafe “Living Room”
Address Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto Ward, Nishikyo-ku, Kawatacho, 151 SELENE Katsura 1F Pug Cafe “Living Room”
Phone 075-874-7989
Business hours 13: 00 ~ 18: 00 (Until -17:00)