Reservation: Reservation is not needed.
Please check the business day on the calendar and come.
Also, please note that it will be business hours: 13: 30 ~ 18: 30 (LAST Entry is at 17 :30PM)

Depending on the various reasons  The Opening days might be  changed.

Please check the calendar before you visit to our cafe.  

2020 Open Days in  July
***コース選択制Chose Days***
Limited  time offer  ( 2020 July 5  12  19  23  24  25  26 ) 
Please chose  1 hour course 1,500Yen  or Special day course  3000Yen
This course(chose days) is only for now. 
★ Special day menu★
  ★ Special day menu★

3000 yen for one person(Special Day) 

* Not   available  One  hour course. 

 All you can drink! 

Unlimited time (Up to 2 hours if it busy) 

Dog Snack 

* We will be closed at 18:00PM


Pug cafe unique item (Lottery ,Everyone winner)

This draw has no losers!!

 You cannot choose a One Hour course ¥1,500