Reservation: Reservation is not needed.
Please check the business day on the calendar and come.
Also, please note that it will be business hours: 13: 00 ~ 18: 00 (until reception until 17 o’clock)

Depending on the various reasons  The Opening days might be  changed.

Please check the calendar before you visit to our cafe.  

2019 Open Days in  September
★ Special day menu★
  ★ Special day menu★

3000 yen for one person(Special Day) 

* Not   available  One  hour course. 

 All you can drink! 

Unlimited time (Up to 2 hours if it busy) 

Dog Snack 

* We will be closed at 18:00PM


Pug cafe unique item (Lottery ,Everyone winner)

This draw has no losers!!

 You cannot choose a One Hour course ¥1,200


Charged menu

Please contact us in advance.

Important Notice: Lost articles !!      September 14(FRI)   

Please visit to Pug Cafe and pick it up soon.