Address · MAP 〒 615-8017 Kyoto Prefecture Kyoto Ward, nishikyo-ku, Katsura Kawatacho, 151 SELENE Katsura 1F セレーネ桂 Pug Cafe “Living Room” TEL&FAX: 075-874-7989 Open 13: 00 ~  Close 18: 00 (LAST Entry is at 17 :00PM) Katsura Imperial Villa桂離宮   (Shimizu Park  Nearby) 清水公園付近 Katsura Imperial Villa  MAP: Selene Katsura 1 F(South) 南側 A space for bicycle parking is located in front of the entrance to the Pub Cafe. please make sure to park your bicycle to the designated zone. Please don’t park your bicycle on the road or residential area, apartment !!   Google map: Search 「Dog Cafe Living Room Kyoto Katsura」ドックカフェ リビングルーム Train Route : When coming by train Take the International Conference Hall on … Continue reading Access